A lion at Stowe

Another pesky cold

The week started so well, which seems odd to say when it was the anniversary of the death of a dear friend. We went to meet his family at Stowe Landscape Garden, and had a lovely day wandering around gently. We didn’t talk about him but we did think about him; getting together to do simple, family things was just exactly the sort of activity he most enjoyed.

After that: a cold set in. Another one. I’ve had more colds this year than I can ever remember; it seems like no sooner have I got over some minor issue than another one appears.

Luckily, it was just a cold. But no fun, especially as I was away at a conference. Felt too rough on the Wednesday evening to join in with the conference social thing and opted instead for buying a picnic in Marks and Spencers. Somehow, managed to miss my footing and fall full-length, with no damage apart from a badly bruised base of my thumb – another silly thing, painful for the evening.

After that, things started to look up again. The beautiful weather worked its magic, the conference talk went well.

Walking for the week: a bit rubbish.

Eating: not too bad. Still on -2lb.

A lion at Stowe
A lion at Stowe

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