Autumn starts calmly

Sometimes we get a beautiful summery September. Not this year. The end of August was cold and miserable. Last week was pleasant but nippy, and I’m clinging onto the last few outings of my favourite sandals while recognising that really, autumn has arrived.

The turning season feels calmer to me. M is a lot better, and my attempts to gently but firmly Get A Grip seem to be working. -2lb from start on the scales on weigh-in day on Saturday.

Walking: didn’t quite hit my target due but not outrageously far off.

Craft: a big win. Finally finished my third blanket that had been lingering on for a year. Started on a rug to finish up the leftover stash. 

Resisting the temptation to choose my favourite autumnal image of berries. I loved the shape and colour of this purple tassel from my walk

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