Restarting on the balance

Randomly restarting this blog. Catching up:

  • 2018 was OK until I landed in hospital with double pneumonia and then had a fall in hospital so emerged walking with a Zimmer frame
  • 2019 was about getting back to walking again and a busy time professionally
  • 2020 was … well, you know about pandemics

I’m still seeking balance, and part of that has been to start quilting.

Quilting has been an ambition for years

I’ve longed to do piecing of fabric forever, as the combination of fabric and small pieces making patterns is so compelling for my visual mathematical crafty brain. Maths has always been about patterns for me, not numbers. Piecing seems like doing jigsaws but where I get to choose the picture. It seems like counted cross-stitch but on a bigger scale with a quicker finish, and without needing the extra-strong light and magnifier that I need for cross-stich now.

Maybe just maybe I’ll keep updating

Today I planned to talk about quilting the ‘grassy creek’ mystery. Then it seems odd not to have any roundup. So here we are.

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