Fuschia against a Cornish slate wall

Three lovely weekends in a row (wrap up September)

The last two weeks have been a whirl.

Threw off the cold, somehow, and headed off for a very busy week in the US. An unexpected bonus was that my only day off, the Saturday, was perfect. Kind friends took me on a sightseeing trip in perfect weather – lunch at a 1950s diner in Anapolis, a drive to a pleasant walk in a nature reserve on the Maryland shore, and then a crab feast at a traditional crab shack. Even my friend taking a nasty fall and badly twisting her ankle didn’t dampen the proceedings too much. (It turned out to be a hairline fracture).

Back home into another unexpectedly lovely Sunday, perfect for a big family-and-friends party to celebrate my aunt’s 80th. Her garden, her pride and joy, was the ideal setting for a marquee decorated with amazing dahlias from my cousin – like her mum, a keen gardener.

Then, amazingly, a third weekend of gorgeous weather – this time in Cornwall. Sitting outside enjoying a coffee. Wandering up and down the hill. Chatting with dear friends.

Overall: walking – not nearly enough, but the hill at the weekend helped the floor count a fair bit

Weight: +2lb after the US trip. Back to +1lb after a week at home.

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