Wild flowers - mostly purple

Planted wild flowers (August ending)

Last week was a shock on the scales: +2 lb from my starting point. Not good. Not where I want to be.

It wasn’t so much the baking (although that did have an effect). It wasn’t so much the stress (not nearly as bad as it was). It might have been the lack of walking: travel and a cold meant that I only got to 16.64 miles. But I knew what it was really: the ‘see food and eat it’. Too much snaffling up of bits and pieces, too many extra helpings at meals.

So, I thought about it. And I thought about the tempting Cath Kidston catalogue that’s calling to me.

Resolution: when I’ve strung together 7 days in a row of eating exactly 3 meals and one snack in a day, I’ll treat myself to a ‘buy whatever you like’ visit to a Cath Kidston shop.

Didn’t quite make it this week – got to Friday and had an extra snack, only a small one but enough to break the streak. I’d done five in a row, and saw the results on the scales: -1 lb from start. And a much better result on the walking: 23.92 miles, getting close to my 25 mile target.

More importantly, I feel better balanced. I’ve enjoyed the walks, including finding lovely patches of planted wild flowers in the park. A few weeks ago, they were a straggly mess, growing from bare earth and seeds. This week, they were beautiful.

Purple, pink, yellow and white wildflowers growing together
All sorts of colours in the planted wildflowers

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