A selection of mostly red hand-made Christmas cards

Starting on crafts: Christmas cards

Earlier this year, I realised that although I love making all sorts of Christmassy things, I rarely have time to do them in November or December. So why not try a bit of Christmas makery whenever I had a moment?

The selection of red cards represented my first attempt. 

A selection of mostly red hand-made Christmas cards
Selection of my first few Christmas cards

The lone green card, and the little tags, came from an extravagant visit to a paper craft shop near the office. I decided to limit myself to two stamps – the large tree and the ‘Season’s Greetings’ – and a couple of punches.

This post represents my first venture into writing about the crafts as I go. I’ll try to grab a moment to show off the individual cards, too.

Craft: getting these photos taken and uploaded, posted my first post from my Mac. And: a good attack on my third crochet blanket that’s been lingering.

Enjoyment: better. Knocking a lot of things off to-do lists makes me feel good.

Weight: 2lb down, just because I’m not snaffling food every time I walk into the kitchen.

Exercise: took last week gently, but it was better: 17.4 miles.

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