Walking again

Scene in early spring with bare trees
View across the river and water meadow

After my last post in 2015, we descended into a raft of health problems.

2016 and 2017 were about health problems

The OH  had a catheter inserted to start peritoneal dialysis because of his polycystic kidney disease (a genetic problem); that took up most of 2016. I had a tricky year professionally.

Then both of us had a tough time in 2017: he had a successful kidney transplant but with some complications that took a lot of time to recover from. I had health problems that landed me in hospital for four months in total and also took a lot of time to recover from.

It’s great to be walking again

I tried my best to keep up my 7000-steps-a-day target but it wasn’t easy. This year, I set myself a target of 50,000 steps a week for 50 weeks of the year.

I’m currently about 70,000 steps behind, due to a couple of weeks that were blighted with a combination of snow and colds. I’m also managing to get to just over the 50,000 steps each week, so I’m gradually eating into the deficit.

I enjoy taking the same picture

I often follow the same route: across the water meadow, along the canal, and into town. At first, I needed several rests to achieve it but now it’s quite easy again.

I take the same photos nearly every time: from three of the fenceposts near the bridge. This one shows the little river and the fishing platform.

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